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Tips, techniques and sign making

Pavement signs

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A-boards are good value for sales promotion!

Keep advertising topical and draw in the customers.
Pavement signs and A-boards can be split into permanent message types and those which can be updated simply by inserting a new poster.  We supply changeable poster A-frame types.

Snap frame A-boards make excellent pavement signs

Aluminium snap frames provide an excellent means of displaying seasonal promotions and advertising specific events and offers. 
Since the advent of low cost digital printing of posters it makes perfect sense to keep changing your offers rather than sticking to a bland WE ARE OPEN format.  It is so easy to update the poster frame contents that pubs and restaurants can even swap from a lunchtime menu to an evening happy hour promotion to keep the message constantly fresh.  We offer a choice of A-frames with snap poster holders.

Sandwich boards fold away with ease

In certain situations an A-frame board can stay out day in day out.  But more often they need to be brought in at night and that's where the portability of a sandwich board design comes into its own.  They a simply folded up and carried in - and the next morning put out again, the locking stay holding the legs securely apart.
If space is restricted consider a small A-board such as the A2 size snap frame A-board pictured below. Not only does it take less space but it's lighter and easier to carry.
Small outdoor grade A-board

Pavement A-boards with A2 and A1 size frames

Our snap frame A-boards have steel back panels to add sufficient weight to prevent the sign blowing over.


A-boards can be used indoors or outside

Heavy duty blackboard A-board


Chalkboards for hand-written signs

Pubs use chalkboard A-boards extensively - often professionally sign written for that character look. 
Green Magic offers a range of blackboard A-boards. The model pictured is a heavy duty solid wood frame blackboard pavement sign.
The blackboard writing surface is ideal for use with  waterproof chalk pens. The writing can be erased with blackboard cleaner which we also sell. Click the links to visit our online shop to browse and buy today.
We also supply a lightweight blackboard A-frame which is easy to carry but not so stable in windy conditions. So it's mainly for use indoors or in sheltered entrance doorways.

Portable yet stable - pavement signs with water-filled bases.

Pavement and forecourt signs may need to be moved and updated with ease.  Yet as they are often for outdoor use they need to be stable in windy conditions and not blow away every time a truck drives past.  The folding type A-board tends to be relatively light (although ours have a steel back panel to increase stability) so the sign can be brought in at night, by male or female staff.  The lighter weight facilitates portability but it also makes these pavement signs more vulnerable to strong winds.
The answer may be a pavement sign with water-filled base and equipped with strong springs (located between the frame and the base) to deflect more extreme gusts of wind and wheels for mobility.  Waterbase signs are sometimes known as windmaster models.  Our versions are called Windpro or Windcheater which is a very wind-stable design.  Either can be moved easily, even when the base has been filled with water. Simply tilt the unit and the integral wheels allow the heavy water-filled sign to be wheeled indoors or to a more sheltered or secure spot.


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Waterbased sign with black frame


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