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Tips, techniques and sign making

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Ideas on sign holders

We are always on the lookout for new ideas and we try react to the latest trends. 

If you click through to our e-commerce site at you can get detailed information and prices on the highlighted products - and lots of new products. More signage products are being added constantly.

On this page we want to remind customers about the features offered by popular poster frames which have been staple Green Magic frames for many years but which never cease to crop up in new applications.

Aluminium snap frames - now at discounted prices
Red snap frame

Snap frames price reductions!

We have been selling aluminium snap frames for over twenty years but recently there has been an explosion in demand.  Bigger volumes mean economies of scale ... and lower prices! Our latest prices are considerably reduced on many sizes.  So check them out at our online snap frame shop.  

All industry sectors are discovering the benefits of these smart easy to use poster frames.  That includes our garden centre customers.  One of our customers uses snap frames in the plant area to introduce and identify members of staff.  A nice personal touch!


Snap frames suit any situation!

Snap-open frames are so convenient when you need to swap one message for an updated version.  It's so easy to exchange the information by inserting a new print or poster.

Mitred corners or rounded corners.

The mitre corner snap frames (above image showing a red snap frame) are the most economical and popular and we offer these to our customers at very competitive prices.

Round chrome corners look attractive on snap frames in certain situations - it's really a matter of personal preference.

Some people choose round corners for the safety aspect.  Now there is a futher choice as our new Opti Frames have plastic tipped corners to remove any risk of scratches from brushing the corner of the snap frame. What's more, despite this extra benefit, Opti Frames are cheap snap frames!


Frames for use with laminating pouches

Snap frames can be used to display laminated signs, for example outdoors.  To cope with the extra sealed border all round the print we make laminated size snap frames which are expressly over-sized.


 Rounded corner snap frame

Plastic Frames for laminated signs

Laminating paper signs is standard practice when the print is to be displayed outdoors.  As encapsulating adds a sealed border all around the paper sign we have developed a unique low cost solution.

Slim frames are made of outdoor grade plastic.  The particular feature is that these frames are oversized to take laminated paper - as well as standard size paper.

Plastic Slim frames and a full range of compatible fixings are available online.


Ideas for using Slim Frames

Slim frames can be used in so many ways because there are lots of different clips and fittings available to suit these low cost plastic poster frames. 


Slim frames take laminated prints

Plastic frames in a range of colours 

The special feature of our plastic frames is that they fit laminated paper and can be used successfully outside.

As a result they are not just used by nurseries and garden centres - they are also used in wildlife parks (e.g. RSPB are regular customers), around stately homes (National Trust use our frames) in an around farmers' fields to display rights of way restrictions or crop information.

As the frames come with a backing sheet which can be stapled onto posts or exterior grade backboards, mounting the frames in a countryside situation is quick and easy.

So what about the fact the frames are made of plastic? The point here is they are multi-use plastics which will last for many years - and then they can be recycled with other ABS plastics.


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