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Trolley Baskets and Shopping Baskets

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Rolla Basket offers convenient shopping with large capacity roll-along trolley basket.

Rolla Basket maximises your customer's per basket spend while enhancing their shopping experience.
This shopping trolley-basket has integral wheels and a handle which extends to a convenient height to make it easy to pull the basket along even when fully laden with a 25kg load of shopping.
The handle is retractable so that the baskets can be nested conveniently when not in use.  The telescopic handle mechanism is very robust and has been well engineered and tested to ensure reliable and trouble-free operation over thousands of use cycles.
The standard colour we stock is dark green (above).
Roll along shopping basket with handle retracted

Rolla Basket with handle extended


Large capacity rolling trolley basket with wheels

Rolla Baskets have a 43 litre capacity - much larger than the average super-market basket (in fact double the size of many wire baskets).  So customers can potentailly buy twice as much.

The wheels fitted to these wheel-along roller baskets are hard wearing and will cope with heavy loads of shopping.  This makes life easier for the shopper.  But if they want to carry the basket in the conventional manner they can still use the robust handle provided.
Rolla Baskets can be puchased online.  We can also supply a single basket to private individuals. They come in handy for use on campsites, at the marina, for carting around your stuff or for trips down to the corner shop.
Volume purchasers such as shops enjoy bulk pricing.

Conventional plastic shopping baskets with two sturdy handles

Our regular plastic shopping baskets are also particularly tough.  They feature a pair of handles to help balance tricky loads.  The standard size model has a 22 litre capacity.  However the large size 28 litre shopping basket is our best seller - again on the basis that if you provide customers with a larger basket they will tend to put more in it.  In fact they pay back time on the small extra cost of the 28 litre basket can be as little as one week!

Large 28 litre shopping basket (front left) with 22 litre size (behind right)
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