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About Green Magic Co

Green Magic is a specialist company supplying poster frames and sign holders 

Green Magic Co began in business in 1995.  The company was founded by Nigel Spelman.  Green Magic became a limited company on 1 Aug 2012.  The official title of the business is now Green Magic Co. UK Ltd.
Having originally graduated in engineering, Nigel was already experienced in providing buildings and shop display equipment for retailers.  In the nineties the digital printing revolution was getting underway - any business could produce presentable point-of-sale material on their office printer and large format printing was becoming affordable. 
The garden centre sector was an area of particular expertise and initially Green Magic came into existence to answer the needs of that sector of retail.  The display of POS material and posters presented particular challenges in an environment where over half the sales area is constantly exposed to sun, wind and rain!  After solving that the rest of the retail world was relatively easy! 
We still do a lot with garden centres throughout the UK and abroad - but today the company also supplies many other sectors, ranging from major stores to small coffee shops, and from corporate HQs to countless schools and universities.

At Green Magic we try to give personal attention to every customer 

We're a real bricks and mortar business.  We no longer produce a printed catalogue as it has been superseded by our online shop at  We design many of our own sign display systems and we also import components and finished poster frames. 
We hold good stocks and we despatch dozens of sign holders, literature dispensers and all the other products we supply on a daily basis.  Green Magic supplies the UK and Ireland with a comprehensive range - but we also export our own products to European countries.
As well of supplying all types of direct customers we are also a significant supplier to the sign industry and graphics trade. 
So you should find our prices good.

Garden Centre POS display systems

As explained we supply specialist sign holders and poster frames for the garden centre industry as well as for many other businesses and organisations.  The origin of our company name comes from the original company's concept of putting a bit of magic into the garden industry's merchandising and display. These days we are also widely known as "Sign Holders" which is the name of our online store.   

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