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Tips, techniques and sign making

How to choose a poster frame

All our poster frames and graphic display systems feature an easy-change facility - as opposed to picture frames which are intended to display the same content permanently.

Frames are available to display every standard size of print or poster

Size of print or poster Main ex stock solutions - see more at
30"x40", 40"x60" Snap frames, Banner rails.
A0 Snap frames, Poster cases, Pavement signs, Banner rails.
A1, A2 Snap frames, Poster cases, A-board pavement signs, plastic Slim frames, Woodline frames, Alu profile frames, Floor-standing InfoColumn and Infoboard, Banner rails, Light boxes.
20"x30" Snap frames, Poster cases
A3, A4 Snap frames, Poster cases, Slim frames with many stands and fittings, Woodline frames, Alu profile frames, Eclips curved frames, Tabletop holders, Cable system acrylic pockets, Office door sign holders, Certificate frames, Floor standing snap frames and Slim frames, Window Mounts, Outdoor holders for laminated and non-laminated prints.
A5 Snap frames, Slim frames with many stands and fittings, Woodline frames, Eclips curved frames, Tabletop holders, Office door frames, special Bedcard holders for garden centres.
A6, A7, A8 Office door frames, Klick frames, Deli-style frames, Card clips.

Outdoor poster display

Type of paper Appropriate solutions
Laminated A3, A4, A5 paper Plastic Slim frames - oversized to take encapsulated paper.
Plain paper A3, A4 Waterproof snap frames, Poster cases.
Synthetic media A3, A4, A5 Snap frames, Slim frames.
Plain paper A1, A2, 20"x30" Waterproof snap frames, regular snap frames for limited term display, Poster cases. pavement signholders.
30"x40", A0, 40"x60" Waterproof snap frames, Regular snap frames for limited term display. Waterbase A0.
Printed substrates SignClampers, Digi Pressto base, Panel trap
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