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Tips, techniques and sign making

Signage for pallets

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Solutions to displaying POS for pallets

Many businesses display products for sale on pallets.
Good signage is essential to persuade customers to buy.

Pallet Wedge slips under the pallet

Pallet Wedge is a pallet sign holder developed and refined by Green Magic. It comprises an angled A4 frame mounted on a sturdy plated steel stand - the base slips under the pallet to keep the sign in place.
The frame is made of tough ABS plastic using an outdoor grade. The frame can be supplied in a range of standard colours. A feature of our design is that the frame can be rotated from portrait to landscape. A4 landscape works particularly well for pallet price information and product features.

Pallet Wedge display A4 portrait or landscape



Pallet Foot FreeStander displays POS at eye level

If you prefer to raise your pallet point of sale signage up to eye level our Pallet Foot sign stand could be your answer.

Similar to other floor standing signs in our range, this pallet signage stand has a smaller base which needs to be trapped under a pallet. The metal base plate is secured by lowering the pallet onto it.

The metal tube is telescopic and extends to above head height if required for use next to tall pallets.

The frame is made from tough ABS and attaches securely to the top of the pole - and is easily adjustable between landscape and portrait. Frames are available in A3 and A4 size.

Metal base plate is secured under the pallet


A3 pallet sign


Pallet Pogo RIP

Unfortunately our Pallet Pogo product has been discontinued as it was becoming too expensive to manufacture and as a result demand was limited.
Sorry if you've come to this page looking for it because it had a lot of popular features and was an award winning invention of Green Magic Co in our formative years!

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