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Signage for pallets


Solutions to displaying POS for pallets

Many businesses display products for sale on pallets.
Good signage is essential to persuade customers to buy.

Pallet Pogo attaches securely to pallets

The award winning Pallet Pogo (it won a New Product Award at Glee) has proved popular and effective.
This is an original Green Magic design and it features a spring-loaded gripper to secure the sign holder onto virtually any style of pallet.
The stainless steel spring is compressed by pushing down on the handle.  The gripper arm is swung into position within the depth of the pallet.  When the handle is released the Pallet Pogo remains firmly locked in place. 
The poster frame is one of our Slim frames - these take A4 and A3 prints which have been encapsulated in a laminating pouch, so the result is a weatherproof POS holder for displaying prices and other details.  This is an ideal product in a garden centre peat and compost area.
We have now introduced an extra large T-piece to attach the frame to the pole.  This holds the frame more securely, which is especially important for larger A3 size frames.  POS within the peat and compost area is liable to get some rough treatment and replacement frames and T-pieces can be supplied if breakages occur.

Pallet Pogo fitted with an A3 frame to take laminated POS signs

Swing-in gripper arm has teeth to bite into the underside of a pallet.

Pallet Wedge angles the POS sign upwards for easy reading


Pallet Wedge for signing pallets

The Pallet Wedge is another Green Magic design which continues to be popular.  The galvanised stand has a heavy duty PVC sleeve over the base to stop it being damaged when dragged across concrete.
The pallet should be placed on top of the Pallet Wedge.  The A4 Slim frame is angled upwards for easy reading of the point-of-sale material. 
Replacement frames can be purchased if needed.

Tube Track - the pallet sign gantry

Tube Track is a versatile semi-permanent system for displaying POS signs over pallets.  The tubular structure is based on a modular two-pallet grid (2.5m) and pallets can be positioned each side.  The galvanised steel footplates are then stabilised by the weight of pallets - each footplate has either 2 or 4 pallet corners resting on it.
There is a single rail system and a twin-rail version.  The single rail version will only suit POS in frames.  The standard kit comes with A3 Slim frames together with ratchet-fixing Tube Track Clips.  Because the plastic ratchet fastener grips very tight (no tools required to fit or remove) the frames will not slip or spin.
The twin-rail version can also be used with frames but its main advantage is the ability to display banners.  The fixings supplied also facilitate this.
Within the garden industry several of the compost manufacturers produce good point of sale material.  Scotts Miracle-Gro produce banners which can help attract customers and identify which composts to use for a given purpose.  The Tube Track twin-rail system makes a practical gantry upon which to fix these banners - all necessary fittings are included.
The same unit can also be used with alternative banners including those digitally printed in-house using an Epson 7800 printer - see section on large format banner printing for retailers.


Tube Track system - the original design had a green PVC tubular framework

Slim frames attached to the tubular aluminium structure
Twin-rail Tube Track system provides an effective way to display banners
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