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Hanging Banners

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Big point of sale works!

We have helped champion the cause of 
retailers producing bigger and better POS
Some of our garden centre customers have proved highly resourceful. Many owners and managers have amassed a diverse range of practical skills and knowledge.  Site redevelopment, implementing EPOS systems, planning marketing strategies and, of course gaining expertise in an ever broadening range of specialist product areas.  And all without the specialist departments which the larger retailers must rely on.

Hanging banners from the store ceiling

One way to create store ambience and deliver marketing goals is by using banners suspended from the ceiling. The more cavernous the roofspace the greater the benefit. In this respect many modern garden centres are like retail sheds - acres of clear roof space to transform from bland to grand. 

Banner produced in-store and suspended using Poster Snaps - a fully re-usable poster display system

Snap poster hanging bars

Hanging a banner on the wall

Poster snap bars can also be used fro hanging a banner on the wall. In this case the eyelets are used to hang on screw heads or picture pins (depending on the weight of banner material.

Black poster bars

Poster snap bars are also available in black as pictured below.

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Poster hangers


What's the easiest way to hang a banner?

When it comes to hanging a large poster or banner poster snaps are really versatile. The rails are made in two parts which are joined together with internal springs. They are easily snapped open to insert the banner material. Then when you snap them shut the springs close the profiles as tight as a clam, gripping the poster the whole way along.
Additionally there is an internal rubber strip on the rear profile which helps to grip the banner material or thick poster paper securely.
Poster snaps come as a set including the top and bottom rails. The lower bar tensions the banner by gravity to ensure it hangs straight and doesn't curl.
The top bar has slide-along eyelets which can be positioned to suit your situation. In the picture (left) the eyelets are being used to suspend a banner from the ceiling.
Wall hung banner hanger

 Black poster bars 

 Outdoor banner media for inkjet printers  

So why do garden centres use large format printing of point of sale material?

Their shops are big, the outdoor shopping area even bigger.  And nothing works like good POS to convert browsers into buyers.  Here at Green Magic we anticipated the trend in the early noughties and determined to come up with a good package for our customers.
So we researched the best solutions - the best printers, the right inks and media, and the systems needed to present printed output professionally - and economically.  We knew indoors alone was not enough - it had to include outdoors as well.
In the ensuing years we kitted out a lot of garden centres with large format printers and they still use this technology. But in today's internet age there is no longer sufficient margin to provide a personal service when selling large format printers, so today we leave the printer sales to the high volume box shifters of the industry. We do however continue to supply outdoor banner media for inkjet printers, as well as poster hanging hardware.

Many accessories for hanging signs, posters and banners

When hanging banners from the ceiling we can also help with clever fixings and fasteners.  We have suspension wires which are fully height adjustable with various types of hooks and ceiling fixings.
These are all all fully described and are available to purchase on our e-commerce site in the hanging wire systems category.
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 Hanging wire systems






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