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POS frames on stands

Slim Frames on table-top stands

Slim Frames are versatile plastic poster frames which take true A3, A4 and A5 prints and also the equivalent laminated sizes.
The versions right have standard tabletop bases (the heavy plastic base is called an H base).
In the picture below we show the metal base (M base).  Outdoors on windy sites the metal base is stronger, especially when a large frame (A3 size) is being used.

With either base it is necessary to place a weight on it to make it stable outdoors.  In garden centres a plant pot or tray of bedding will do fine.  See below for the screw-down alternative.
Slim frames with stands
These frames on stands are used in all kinds of shop. 
The stem is adjustable in height from 300mm to 600mm (1ft to 2ft).  The frame clips into the T-piece at the top of the stem and can be fitted either landscape or portrait - and changed over at will.
Stand with metal base outdoors
 Slim frames with stands in a houseplant department  

Buy these frames with stands online!

Our fully functional e-commerce shop can be used to purchase these sign holders on stands.  
Please note that selected items only are available in the online store.  Most of the speciality garden centre items are not.  So you may prefer to request or download our catalogue and order by phone or fax.

Frames on stands are a great way to communicate to customers.

Screw-down stands for Slim Frames

On windy sites the screw-down stand is a winner.  
The 500mm (20in) high pole has a flange at its base with 4 screw holes.  This is screwed to the bench or table.
At the top there is a T-piece to support the Slim Frame. 
The T-piece has a threaded stud which screws into the top of the pole.  It is called a T-STUD and replacements can be ordered as spare parts if ever they break.
We have recently introduced a larger T-piece for use mainly with A3 frames.  The wider grip reduces the possibility of the frame blowing out in strong winds.
Slim frames are suitable for use outside with laminated signs

Aluminium frame screw-down stand

For arduous situations we have introduced an even stronger option - a screw-down stand with metal frame (pictured right and below).
The aluminium profile frame works like a plastic frame in that it has a slot in the top and comes with a correx backing sheet so that your laminated A3 or A4 POS can be slotted into place.  However the metal frame is more robust.  It screws into the leg of the screw-down stand in the same way - so systems can be upgraded if required.
At Dobbies new centres this system has been specified and is undergoing trials on an especially windy site close to the sea and subject to prevailing winds.
A screw-down stand is a very secure way to hold a poster frame
A4 Alu frames are mounted at bench-top level on 500mm high legs (see right).
A4 Aluminium slot-in frame on a 500mm high leg screwed to a bench top

A3 Alu frames are on short 150mm legs screwed to bench dividers (see right and below).

A3 Aluminium profile frame screwed to a bench divider on a short leg
Screw-down POS stands for windy locations


Twin Pole System for A2 POS

Another screwed-down option for larger frames is the twin-pole system (left and below).  These are supplied with an A2 size frame. 
Many thanks to Caulders Garden Centre for four pictures on this page.  Their POS material has real style and character.

POS Gallery

We would love to display more examples of customers using Green Magic products.  Please forward your images if you'd like to have them featured.  If there is sufficient interest we'd like to add a 'gallery' section to this website - where people can get inspiration from each other's work.  What do you think?
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A2 poster frame secured with twin pole screw-down stand
Twin pole secures an A2 POS frame onto wooden plant display benches




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