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Bed card holders


Display bed cards effectively

Bed cards are an essential part of most garden centres' plant labelling strategy

The 8in x 6in bedcard or bed label has been around for years. 
Pre-printed bed cards are available from plant labelling specialists and are sometimes furnished to the retailer by the nursery supplying the plants.
This "inch" size is close metric paper size A5.  Many retailers also produce bedcards of their own, two to an A4 page i.e. A5 size.
These paper prints are then sealed in a laminating pouch, once more making the finished size slightly bigger.
When we developed our Slim Frames an important consideration was that the frame should accommodate all these variants.
Having achieved this we then produced a clear plastic U-channel called Grip Strip (pictured right) which could be screwed onto plant benches to grip Slim frames which are simply pushed into place.
A5 Slim frame bed card holder - held in Grip Strip U-channel
 Bed cards displayed in A5 Slim Frames secured in Grip Strip Outdoors in the wind the frame has to be supported by a backing board.  Indoors the frames can stick up unsupported.

Bed-card holders fitted with clips

We also supply a specially adapted version with soft aluminium clips bonded to the back of the frame.  These clips can be squeezed by hand to suit the thickness of the wood upstand in question - then they fit securely.
The vertical version is pictured right.
The angled version is below.  This version should be used if the bed cards are below waist level - otherwise the cards are almost impossible to read. 

Vertical bed-card holder fitted with clips
Out of the wind or indoors the U-channel can be mounted along the top rail with frames 'sticking their heads up over the parapet'
Slim Frame bed card holder fitted with angled clips

Klick frames with clips

A new version is pictured right.  This is quarter A4 size so it is not strictly a bed card holder.  It will fit a half height bed card.  Or looking at it another way you can print four inserts per A4 page to suit this frame.
The POS material is displayed inclined at a convenient angle for reading and the clips will attach to any upstand up to 25mm (1in) thick.

Prices and How To Buy

These specialist items are not available online.  Prices are shown in our 2007 Catalogue which every garden centre should have to hand (one for each department if you are a larger centre!).   Use the link to request one.  Or if you wish you can download a pdf version right now. You won't need to register first so it's really quick!
The full version takes about 30 secs to download on broadband but it is split up into sections so you can just download the section you require.  Remember the pictures in the pdf catalogue are not high resolution.  So you can request the printed version by post as well if you wish.  Click here to go to catalogue download page.
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New siz frame with clips for half-height bed labels
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