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Tips, techniques and sign making

Floor standing signs

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Floorstanding sign holders are our speciality!

Floor stands for display of signs is an
area where we offer a lot of choice
We may have started out just supplying garden retailers but today Green Magic also supplies posh shops, government departments, universities ... and people who need one cheap floor stand to display a notice for their craft stall.  In other words we have a very broad range of customers and so we need to offer different products to suit their varying needs. 

Posters and notices must be easy to change

All our sign holders including floor standing models are designed to be updated - quickly and easily.  Different types of poster frame or print holder are applicable to different situations.  A few examples are included here - all of which can be ordered now at our online shop floor standing signs category
The top right picture shows one model in our range of floor stands fitted with angled snap frames. Snap frame floor signs are popular in retail, hospitality, exhibition stands and more.
The group pictured right includes free-standing sign holders with slot-in style frames, and three different base options. 

Floor signs for retail, hospitality, business, factory

The FreeStanders (right) with round rubber bases are perfect in garden centres, builders merchants, the factory shop floor or in car parks.  They are also an economical option for any conference organiser, safety officer or event photographer looking a temporary floor standing sign.  
The model with a flat metal base is especially suited to retailers who want to stack products around a POS floor sign.  Product stacks are an effective way to promote sales with a bus stop sign holder in the centre.
As well as bus-stop signs some retailers call these parrot stands or music stands - pedestal sign holders is another popular term.  Basically we'll answer to anything if a customer has a need to display a floor sign! 

Floor standing signs with silver finish

Matte silver and brushed aluminium are popular finishes today
in commercial interiors and retail stores. 
Silverline FreeStanders have a slightly more refined appearance than our coloured plastic slo-in frames, also look good on an exhibition stand, for a Wait to be Seated sign or menu in a restaurant, for direction signs and wayfinding information at an event or conference.

Prestige floor-standing poster displays

Call it upscale, high end, prestige or up-market - there is a growing demand for our higher specification floor sign and poster display units.  Again easy change of graphics is our hallmark.  Depending on the application you may opt for snap frames on an InfoColumn free-standing unit.


Silver information stand for A4 and A3 prints

 Freestanding signs
Silver floor sign A4 and A3

Hostess Signs

Our friends from the USA often refer to the restaurant entrance 'Please wait to be seated' sign a Hostess Sign or Maitre 'D sign stand. Freestanding signs are sometimes called Stanchion sign. In the UK these terms are not generally used, but we might refer to a Pedestal sign or information stand sign.

Our Presenta range includes such an information stand  which is popular for Wait to be seated signs and queue here signs.

This sign stand is available in brushed silver finish so it looks good anywhere. The snap frame mounted on the upright pole stands vertically and the stand is tall enough to be highly visible.

Options with pockets for takeaway menus or brochures are available to order.


Poster display stands

There are many options for poster display stands - one popular model is call the InfoStand which is available in two sizes: A2 and A1.

Unlike many poster stands which only accept printed posters, the InfoStand is also suitable for displaying rigid display boards - for example digitally printed foamboard.

This particular model is available in both silver and black versions. The base is painted steel making it sturdy and stable. Find out more about our poster display stands (click here).

See image right. 

Outdoor sign stands

While the above sign stands are sturdy they are not really intended for outdoor use. However we have a solution for displaying rigid sign boards outside.

The SignClamper is an outdoor sign stand with a heavyweight base to stop it blowing over in all but the strongest gusts. The base is also eco friendly as it is made from recycled plastic with added components to make it heavy and weatherproof.

Special sign clamps which are adjustable up and down the pole hold any rigid sign board, be it correx, foamex or ACP (aluminium composite panel)

Outdoor sign stand with heavy base




 Queue Here or Wait to be seated sign
 Poster stand with oval shape steel base
The InfoStand pictured above display rigid sign panels indoors. It is one of our range of floor stands for rigid signs, which also includes easels and many alternative products.
The heavy duty outdoor sign stand (pictured left) is heavy and robust enough to be used outside permanently. 
Totem lightbox

Totem signs for effective promtion and brand identity

Totem signs can be useful indoors - either illuminated or non illuminated.
Illuminated Totem signs display posters on either side lit internally by even lighting creating a stunning impact in a high-end store or in a bingo club foyer - to cite two contrasting examples.
Our Lumi Totem is a tall imposing totem sign with snap poster frames on each side. Totem light boxes need not be expensive and the impact in the evening is especially appealing,
Steel sign base for indoor monolith signs 

Monolith sign is easy to customise

One way to create in indoor Monolith sign is to support a rigid graphic panel secured vertically by sign base. 
The concept is a base in two halves used to clamp a vertical panel.  We have four widths of steel sign base ( made from steel for stability) as well as aerofoil shape aluminium floor sign bases.  The panel can be customised by means of an applied digital print or vinyl logo graphic - this part can be done by a sign or graphics company.
For example a Dibond panel with brushed aluminium finish, having a graphic applied on one side incorporating a Welcome sign and store directory can be created. 
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